Telescopic Carbon Black- L’Oreal $9.99

Once again, this is not my eye.  SURPRISE!  I have so many friends that are willing to let me blog about their eyelashes, and boy am I thankful.  I would not have nearly as many blog posts as I do if I had no friends.  Once again, yay for friends.  This is my friend Maya’s eye.  When I asked her how she puts it on she basically said that she just uses the wand, and blinks a lot while applying her mascara, and if you ask me… it looks AMAZING.  I am honestly about ready to go to Target and spend $10 on this mascara.  I was a little mad when I looked at the price for this mascara, but the results showed me that it was way worth it.  She didn’t seem to have any complaints about the mascara, and I see her everyday and neither do I.  I am actually very jealous of her eyelashes.  They look so good everyday.  They are always clump free and ready to face to world.  I am too lazy to go buy more mascara, because I have at least 10 different bottles of mascara (almost all because of this blog), but when I ‘need’ a new bottle of mascara, this will for sure be on the top of the list.

mayas eye
The beautiful eye!

H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner-WetnWild $3.99

Okay, so first of all… I’m so sorry that this is not a mascara blog, but I was thinking that this could also just be an eye blogish kinda deal.  No one can tell me how to run my blog, because it is my blog… SO yeah.  Here is my blog on eye liner.  I am not the kind of person that does her eye make up everyday with the perfect wing.  Nope, I try for a nice wing and it takes me FOREVER to get it to look how I want it to.  I also most of the time end up taking it off and not wearing the winged look that day.  Anyways, here goes nothing, right?  So, I sit down in my make up chair and give myself a good look in the mirror and prepared myself for the adventure ahead involving multiple attempts and almost tears trying to get this to look good enough to present to the 2 people who read my blog.  The interesting thing about this experience was trying to get the two wings to look the exact same (which is impossible I have decided).  I really thought the brush like thing made it easy to apply an even coat of the eye liner on both sides.  Overall, I really enjoyed the product itself.  It was rather hard to get off,  but that’s what you get when you buy water proof eyeliner.  The product itself doesn’t seem to have any flaws… it is mostly just the person using it (ME).

The Super Sizer- Covergirl $5.99

Hello lash lovers!  This is a mascara my friend vows by!  She absolutely has amazing lashes, so when she recommended I try it, I had no hesitation.  When she told me it was only six dollars at Target, I was even more surprised!  So when I first opened the bottle I was a little skeptical about the brush.  It is very skinny and has very few bristles.  Sorry, but I couldn’t get a good picture when I tried..  Any way, when I put it on, the only thing I really struggled with was it stayed wet for longer than I wanted.  It stayed like very vulnerable in the not fully set stage for at least 2 minutes.  I also made the mistake of trying to re-curl my eye lashes before it was dry, creating clumps all over my eyelashes.  I honestly looked like fricken Sponge Bob.  But overall, the mascara lasted through out the day, and created a look I thoroughly enjoyed.  In the picture, I also have on some eye liner on, but I will talk about that in my next post.  My overall opinion of this mascara is good, and I will definitely be adding to my daily routine.


Bree’s Eye Make up

Sorry for another post that is not my eye, but again, aint nobody got time for this.  Honestly no one looks at these anyway, and I have to do this for points in school.  So my blogs don’t matter.  I’m sure whoever reads this will not enjoy it, and will wonder why I began blogging about my eyelashes.  Well to be honest, I had to, and I hate it.  But, here is another one of my friends’ eye lashes.  She uses Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara, Very Black which is around $6.00.  i have posted a picture of my eye before with this mascara on, but her eyelashes look about 10 times better than mine.  My best guess is that her eye lashes respond to the bristles in the brush better than mine do.  I have very odd eyelashes, and most things that I put on my eyelashes don’t work very well.  Bree also has beautifully done eye make up in this picture, which is also why her eyes stand out so much.  I am very jealous of her look, and when I asked how she did it she told me  that all she does is dip it in to bottle once, and never puts the wand back into the bottle.  She just keeps applying it until she gets the look she is looking for.  Good bye for now, have a lovely day, or don’t, whatever you’re feeling you go ahead and feel it.

Brees eye
Sorry this is side ways, I can’t figure out how to flip it to save my life.

Musical Eyelashes

I was recently in a show called Company.  In the show I was a crazed bride who was panicking about getting married.  For the show I had to do my make up as if I were getting married, so this post is more about the whole marriage/ musical look in general.  To begin, I put on some of my eye shadow I had just laying around, and I attempted to create a smokey eye look.  I am going to be honest, and say that I am not very good at that kind of eye make up, so I just kinda get what I get, and I have to roll with it.  Once I was done with the eye shadow, I put a piece of tape under my eye, so it would create a nice and defined line when I put on my eye liner.  I used a gel eyeliner that has a brush and a little cup separately holding the jet black gel.  Once I was done with the lid part of my eyes, I moved on to the only thing I am good at: my eyelashes.  I knew since I would be in the harsh lighting of the musical that my eyelashes needed to be very big so I did not look odd.  I curled my eyelashes to begin with, and kinda just used every mascara I owned one after another just trying to get my lashes as big and bold as I could get them.  So this is what I ended up with… SO if you ever need to look like a bride in a musical, here is a reference of something you could do…


Maybelline New York The Colossal Cat Eyes Volum’ Express Mascara $3.56

Surprise, this is not my eye!  Sorry about not posting any blog posts, I have been very busy, and taking pictures of my eyes is the least of my priority, so I asked some of my friends to take pictures of their eyes.  This is of my friend Taylor’s eye.  She uses the Maybelline mascara, which I call the Cheetah Print mascara because of the way the bottle looks.  Personally, I think Taylor’s eye lashes look on point every single day, and they never look clumpy or crumbly under the eyes.  From the outsiders perspective, her lashes are virtually perfect.  I asked what her daily routine is, and was intrigued with a new way to apply my mascara for the future.  She begins by curling her eye lashes once, then adding two layers of the mascara, and waits for it to dry.   Once it is dry she curls her eye lashes again, and adds a third coat.  For a $4.00 mascara, this blows my mind.  her eyelashes are always always always perfect.  I will probably buy this mascara soon, and try it on my own eye lashes for this blog honestly.  Here are the pictures I have for her eyes.

The wonderful eye of Taylor!

Taylor mascaraThe bottle and brush.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Curl – Dramatic Volume And Curve Mascara $12.00

By far, this is one of my favorite mascaras ever to be invented.  When I first unscrewed the lid and saw the tiny brush, I became very skeptical.  With such a small brush, I assumed it would not coat my (lovely) lashes very well, but boy was I wrong.  This is the best mascara I believe I have ever used.  I, like always, curled my naked eye lashes first.  But when it came to applying the actual mascara, I applied it a little different than I usually do.  Usually I do one or two coats, wait a little while and then add another coat, but this time the mascara was so cooperative that I could just put layer after layer on top of one another, and it created a full volume and lengthy look.  I got this mascara in a Sephora Collections set, so it was just a sample size, but at Sephora for a full (normal) sized bottle it is only $12.  I am not a person that would waste their money on things like make up, but this mascara works so good that I wouldn’t even feel bad buying it.  The only thing I would maybe consider is looking into buying it in waterproof.  Waterproof always stays more in place through out the day with my eye lashes, although the regular did not seem to sephora curl bothdeteriorate as the day went on with this particular mascara.

At the end of the day!
At the end of the day!
This is the full size mascara bottle that costs $12 at Sephora.
This is the full size mascara bottle that costs $12 at Sephora.
After I put the mascara on.
After I put the mascara on.