Musical Eyelashes

I was recently in a show called Company.  In the show I was a crazed bride who was panicking about getting married.  For the show I had to do my make up as if I were getting married, so this post is more about the whole marriage/ musical look in general.  To begin, I put on some of my eye shadow I had just laying around, and I attempted to create a smokey eye look.  I am going to be honest, and say that I am not very good at that kind of eye make up, so I just kinda get what I get, and I have to roll with it.  Once I was done with the eye shadow, I put a piece of tape under my eye, so it would create a nice and defined line when I put on my eye liner.  I used a gel eyeliner that has a brush and a little cup separately holding the jet black gel.  Once I was done with the lid part of my eyes, I moved on to the only thing I am good at: my eyelashes.  I knew since I would be in the harsh lighting of the musical that my eyelashes needed to be very big so I did not look odd.  I curled my eyelashes to begin with, and kinda just used every mascara I owned one after another just trying to get my lashes as big and bold as I could get them.  So this is what I ended up with… SO if you ever need to look like a bride in a musical, here is a reference of something you could do…



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