Telescopic Carbon Black- L’Oreal $9.99

Once again, this is not my eye.  SURPRISE!  I have so many friends that are willing to let me blog about their eyelashes, and boy am I thankful.  I would not have nearly as many blog posts as I do if I had no friends.  Once again, yay for friends.  This is my friend Maya’s eye.  When I asked her how she puts it on she basically said that she just uses the wand, and blinks a lot while applying her mascara, and if you ask me… it looks AMAZING.  I am honestly about ready to go to Target and spend $10 on this mascara.  I was a little mad when I looked at the price for this mascara, but the results showed me that it was way worth it.  She didn’t seem to have any complaints about the mascara, and I see her everyday and neither do I.  I am actually very jealous of her eyelashes.  They look so good everyday.  They are always clump free and ready to face to world.  I am too lazy to go buy more mascara, because I have at least 10 different bottles of mascara (almost all because of this blog), but when I ‘need’ a new bottle of mascara, this will for sure be on the top of the list.

mayas eye
The beautiful eye!

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