The Super Sizer- Covergirl $5.99

Hello lash lovers!  This is a mascara my friend vows by!  She absolutely has amazing lashes, so when she recommended I try it, I had no hesitation.  When she told me it was only six dollars at Target, I was even more surprised!  So when I first opened the bottle I was a little skeptical about the brush.  It is very skinny and has very few bristles.  Sorry, but I couldn’t get a good picture when I tried..  Any way, when I put it on, the only thing I really struggled with was it stayed wet for longer than I wanted.  It stayed like very vulnerable in the not fully set stage for at least 2 minutes.  I also made the mistake of trying to re-curl my eye lashes before it was dry, creating clumps all over my eyelashes.  I honestly looked like fricken Sponge Bob.  But overall, the mascara lasted through out the day, and created a look I thoroughly enjoyed.  In the picture, I also have on some eye liner on, but I will talk about that in my next post.  My overall opinion of this mascara is good, and I will definitely be adding to my daily routine.



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