Worst Mascaras

I thought since I posted about my favorite mascaras I should also post about my least favorite mascaras.  I don’t have too many that I really didn’t like.  I had several mascaras that were mediocre, and so I will not include those in this post.  I will ramble for a second though about what happened with those mediocre mascaras.  Alright, to qualify as mediocre, the mascara had to at first look really really perfect at the beginning.  I’m talking beautifully full eyelashes that aren’t clumped at all.  Then what would always happen with these mediocre mascaras is my darn lashes would almost always clump and start to go flat.  It was a real bummer, but I mean, mascara is mascara.  I would have to say that the worst mascara I used was the e.l.f. minerals mascara.  It was not even that the mascara was a terrible mascara, it is just that when I put it on it coated my lashes with a pretty thin layer of mascara.  It seemed that every coat I put on it did not make a difference, my eyelashes seemed to kinda stay super thin and not super long and voluminous!  Although they ended up looking okay in the beginning, at the end of the day my lashes were all  flaky and leaving black all over my cheeks.  So… there it is. my least favorite.


Favorite Mascaras

Alrighty, so I wanted to close up my blog and wanted to make sure that I wrapped everything up in a fun fashion.  Okay, so here we go!  Some of my very favorite mascaras will be listed shortly, but let me just talk about my experience with this blog for a second.  So, at the beginning of this all, I thought that I would get so many followers and people would enjoy my blog and go to it ever time I posted on it, and boy was I wrong.  I have only people from my class following me and they are doing it because they are being forced to to have a good grade in my composition class.  I realized how much no one cares about what I have to say about mascara.  Literally no one except my composition class will ever care about my blog, but that is completely okay.  I enjoyed writing about my eyelashes.  IT actually helped me understand what mascaras were working for me and which weren’t.  But that reminds me that I was going to talk about my favorite mascaras.  So here they are… I actually only have two of my favorites, Outrageous Curl from Sephora and Buxom mascara from Sephora as well.

Buxom Mascara $19.00

LAST BLOG POST!  YAY!  Alright, so this mascara was given to me in a collection of mascaras, so I didn’t pay $20 for this mascara.  I was kindly given a Sephora kind of trial pack.  Honestly, I don’t know if I would pay that much for this mascara.  The brush was very very full, which coated my eyelashes very nicely.  Plastic brushes always work better with my eyelashes personally.






As you can see in the picture above, the brush is full of different sizes and lengths of plastic wands.  This creates a full coverage look, which I loved!  I put this mascara on the same way I always do.  I curl my eyelashes, put on a layer, wait for it to dry and then add as many layers as I feel are needed.  I have re-used this mascara several times, and I have to say that it is very nice.  It stays full and does not flake. EVER.  I would never spend $20 dollars on a mascara though.  Although this mascara works very nicely, I have other mascaras that work just as nice and are much cheaper than twenty dollars.  In conclusion.. if you feel like spending twenty dollars on a mascara, then you can go ahead and buy this one, its a good one.

Purple Eye-shadow

Hello!  We are so so so close to the end of this whole blog thing!  Hooray!  So this is something I created when I was looking through my make up drawer and found a purple pallet in the mess.  I have literally no idea where the pallet came from, but I think that maybe one of my friends left it at my house one day.  I looked on the internet for quite a while trying to find the exact pallet, but I couldn’t.  So here is a picture of a close pallet to the colors I used to create this look.

palletpurple eyeshadow

I tried to make this look as light as possible, because I personally do not look very good in dark dark make up.  So I began with a color close to the one on the very left of the pallet above.  I put it all over my eyelid.  I do not ever go all the way up to my eyebrow like a lot of people do, because my eye shape is very very different than most.  Once I had applied the light purple shade, I began to move across the pallet from left to right blending each color into the next.  Once I got the colors to blend and look the way I wanted, I placed eyeliner from the inside of my eye all the way across my eye and then created a wing.  Once I was done with that, I layered on the mascara and called it a day!


Full Lash Bloom Cover Girl $6.99

Hello everyone, so this is going to be one of my last blog postsish… I am FINALLY ALMOST DONE!!! YAYA! Okay, so this is a mascara that I got a long long time ago and found in my drawer and so I decided that I could just throw it on and make a post about it.  So in case you 3 people that read this decide that you want to ever try this here is a review.  SO it goes on pretty good, and it creates a look that is kinda long but not as long as I would have wanted.  These lashes that I created with this brush and mascara were short lived though.  They did that stupid thing where they look super awesome for about 20 minutes.  Then all of a sudden, you get up and go look i the mirror… and BAM. They are all flat and sad.  It’s a real bummer.  This mascara kinda gives you the false hope that it will stay awesome forever and so you keep re-using it hoping it will be different from the last one, but always in the end you’re disappointed.  In the end, this mascara is not a very good mascara for $7.  I would much rather have spent those 7 dollars on something different.  Seven dollars is a lot of money to waste on a poopy mascara.  Anyway, here is a picture of them!butterfly cover girl

Fancy Day or Night Eyes

HEYYYYYY, what is up? Gas prices, just kidding, they are way down and it is hella!  This is a look that I would assume people wear when they go out to nice places.  I on the other hand… am not very social when it comes to things like going out to parties and such, but I have friends that go out so I kinda just copied their looks.  So, here is what went down, I first placed a primer for my eye shadow.  I then put concealer under my eyes to help with the incredibly dark circles I had goin on from being so stressed about life!  I then used a smoky eye pallet my friend let me borrow!  I will try to find out what it is called and put a picture up for all 4 of you that read my blogs.  I basically followed the instructions at the top of the pallet.  A basic overview is I took a medium light brown and I put it all over my eye lid, then I took a darker deeper brown and put it on the crease of my eye and the outside corner of my lid and blended it all together.  Once it was all blended I then put a shimmery white-ish color all over to make it glittery and lighter.  If you prefer a darker smokey eye you don’t have to do this, and you can just blend a light brown in the corner of your eye and into the rest of the smokey eye.  I then used a gel liner to create a winged look.  I then moved on to the mascara.  I don’t remember what mascara I used, but if I had to guess I would say I probably used Outrageous Curl from Sephora, because that gives me the full coverage look I am getting in this picture.

The Super Sizer and Outrageous Curl

HELLO again, its actually my eye this time, so yay! I snapped a quick pic of my eye one morning so I would have things to post since I need to have 15 of these done by my finals day… AHHH… Anyway, enough about me freaking out about finals week.  For this look I used 2 different mascaras.  I used the Super Sizer, and the Outrageous Curl from Sephora.  I began by curling my eyelashes to my desired angle.  Then after that, I put on the first layer of mascara.  The first layer I put on was Super sizer.  I then let it semi-dry.  After I waited for about a minute, I started coating on the Outrageous Curl mascara until I felt like my lashes were on fleek.  I liked this look, although I did not let my eye lashes dry for long enough before I started like fully blinking again and so they kinda got clumpy.  By the end of the day I looked in the mirror and had one of those “AHHH why do I look so bad right now, and how long have I looked this bad” moments… but I don’t know if that was fully do to the fact that my mascara wasn’t as good as I wanted it to look.  SO… all in all I believe this mascara combo is a good thing and can happen again.both