Fancy Day or Night Eyes

HEYYYYYY, what is up? Gas prices, just kidding, they are way down and it is hella!  This is a look that I would assume people wear when they go out to nice places.  I on the other hand… am not very social when it comes to things like going out to parties and such, but I have friends that go out so I kinda just copied their looks.  So, here is what went down, I first placed a primer for my eye shadow.  I then put concealer under my eyes to help with the incredibly dark circles I had goin on from being so stressed about life!  I then used a smoky eye pallet my friend let me borrow!  I will try to find out what it is called and put a picture up for all 4 of you that read my blogs.  I basically followed the instructions at the top of the pallet.  A basic overview is I took a medium light brown and I put it all over my eye lid, then I took a darker deeper brown and put it on the crease of my eye and the outside corner of my lid and blended it all together.  Once it was all blended I then put a shimmery white-ish color all over to make it glittery and lighter.  If you prefer a darker smokey eye you don’t have to do this, and you can just blend a light brown in the corner of your eye and into the rest of the smokey eye.  I then used a gel liner to create a winged look.  I then moved on to the mascara.  I don’t remember what mascara I used, but if I had to guess I would say I probably used Outrageous Curl from Sephora, because that gives me the full coverage look I am getting in this picture.


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