The Super Sizer and Outrageous Curl

HELLO again, its actually my eye this time, so yay! I snapped a quick pic of my eye one morning so I would have things to post since I need to have 15 of these done by my finals day… AHHH… Anyway, enough about me freaking out about finals week.  For this look I used 2 different mascaras.  I used the Super Sizer, and the Outrageous Curl from Sephora.  I began by curling my eyelashes to my desired angle.  Then after that, I put on the first layer of mascara.  The first layer I put on was Super sizer.  I then let it semi-dry.  After I waited for about a minute, I started coating on the Outrageous Curl mascara until I felt like my lashes were on fleek.  I liked this look, although I did not let my eye lashes dry for long enough before I started like fully blinking again and so they kinda got clumpy.  By the end of the day I looked in the mirror and had one of those “AHHH why do I look so bad right now, and how long have I looked this bad” moments… but I don’t know if that was fully do to the fact that my mascara wasn’t as good as I wanted it to look.  SO… all in all I believe this mascara combo is a good thing and can happen again.both


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