Purple Eye-shadow

Hello!  We are so so so close to the end of this whole blog thing!  Hooray!  So this is something I created when I was looking through my make up drawer and found a purple pallet in the mess.  I have literally no idea where the pallet came from, but I think that maybe one of my friends left it at my house one day.  I looked on the internet for quite a while trying to find the exact pallet, but I couldn’t.  So here is a picture of a close pallet to the colors I used to create this look.

palletpurple eyeshadow

I tried to make this look as light as possible, because I personally do not look very good in dark dark make up.  So I began with a color close to the one on the very left of the pallet above.  I put it all over my eyelid.  I do not ever go all the way up to my eyebrow like a lot of people do, because my eye shape is very very different than most.  Once I had applied the light purple shade, I began to move across the pallet from left to right blending each color into the next.  Once I got the colors to blend and look the way I wanted, I placed eyeliner from the inside of my eye all the way across my eye and then created a wing.  Once I was done with that, I layered on the mascara and called it a day!



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