Favorite Mascaras

Alrighty, so I wanted to close up my blog and wanted to make sure that I wrapped everything up in a fun fashion.  Okay, so here we go!  Some of my very favorite mascaras will be listed shortly, but let me just talk about my experience with this blog for a second.  So, at the beginning of this all, I thought that I would get so many followers and people would enjoy my blog and go to it ever time I posted on it, and boy was I wrong.  I have only people from my class following me and they are doing it because they are being forced to to have a good grade in my composition class.  I realized how much no one cares about what I have to say about mascara.  Literally no one except my composition class will ever care about my blog, but that is completely okay.  I enjoyed writing about my eyelashes.  IT actually helped me understand what mascaras were working for me and which weren’t.  But that reminds me that I was going to talk about my favorite mascaras.  So here they are… I actually only have two of my favorites, Outrageous Curl from Sephora and Buxom mascara from Sephora as well.


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