Worst Mascaras

I thought since I posted about my favorite mascaras I should also post about my least favorite mascaras.  I don’t have too many that I really didn’t like.  I had several mascaras that were mediocre, and so I will not include those in this post.  I will ramble for a second though about what happened with those mediocre mascaras.  Alright, to qualify as mediocre, the mascara had to at first look really really perfect at the beginning.  I’m talking beautifully full eyelashes that aren’t clumped at all.  Then what would always happen with these mediocre mascaras is my darn lashes would almost always clump and start to go flat.  It was a real bummer, but I mean, mascara is mascara.  I would have to say that the worst mascara I used was the e.l.f. minerals mascara.  It was not even that the mascara was a terrible mascara, it is just that when I put it on it coated my lashes with a pretty thin layer of mascara.  It seemed that every coat I put on it did not make a difference, my eyelashes seemed to kinda stay super thin and not super long and voluminous!  Although they ended up looking okay in the beginning, at the end of the day my lashes were all  flaky and leaving black all over my cheeks.  So… there it is. my least favorite.


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